Not enough air moving in our other home

Being a property owner can be certainly challenging at times! Especially when you own numerous properties.

  • There’s typically a occupant that has an issue with something.

What I enjoy most is that at the most rarest times you really can receive a thank you card. I absolutely care about a thank you once in awhile because I think that I’m doing our task in making sure our occupants are happy; One of the most recent complications I’ve had in a single of our buildings was where our occupant was complaining that there was not enough heat coming out of the air register. I constructed our occupant to take a look at the air filter to see if it was blocked up or if that was the issue. When our occupant took the high efficiency air filter out she said that it wasn’t it because she updated it a month ago as well as there was minimal dust as well as dander on the filter. This has happened before in our other buildings as well as it has been easy to repair because of blocked up air filter as well as air vents that were all not opened. I had our occupant also check all of the air vents to make sure that they were opened, as well as they were. As much as I didn’t want to have to call the heating, ventilation as well as air conditioner service lady I knew that it had to be done. After making an appointment with the heating as well as cooling supplier, they took a look as well as diagnosed the problem. It turns out there was a loose as well as worn out fan belt. The fan belt had to be updated as well as that was the main reason for why there was not adequate amount of air flow.


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