We saved Thanksgiving by getting Grandma’s HVAC system fixed

My grandmother usually hosts Thanksgiving every single year.

  • This year however she was telling everybody that she wouldn’t be able to be the host.

When everybody was asking her the reasons why, she let everybody know that she was having trouble with her climate control system. Evidently, she was not able to afford to have it fixed and she said that the HVAC company gave her a quote and it was far too expensive. Everybody was in total disbelief. If this was the only thing stopping her from hosting another wonderful Thanksgiving dinner celebration, we were going to help out! So a bunch of us got together and got enough money together to cover the cost to repair Grandma’s climate control system. She didn’t want to accept the money to have the climate control system fixed, but we all insisted that the best thing we could hope for was for her to host another wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. This is a time when all of our family gets together and shares this fabulous time together. Grandma makes some of the finest dishes around too, so we all looked forward to that. We honestly would have been disappointed if we weren’t able to enjoy her wonderful dishes at her house with all the family. So she was able to get the climate control system fixed and she agreed she would host Thanksgiving! It was really a good thing that she got that done, because the air quality in her house has never been better! This may have been the best Thanksgiving celebration we have had yet.


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