Some countries think a/c is bad

I wasn’t going to have it though

For nearly a decade, I taught middle school in a foreign country. Though I could have made a fortune teaching English overseas, I decided to volunteer our efforts, asking only for a meager salary to supply for our daily necessities. I realized in that decade that there are numerous differences between foreign countries plus our own. In the country that I was in, there was a lot of controversy over the use of a/cs while it was hot. They believed a/c should only be used while it is freezing because our bodies were accustomed to handling the cold. During the summer, they were firmly against using the a/c, especially if it is tepid outside. They said that the a/c would make you sick plus that the heat was good for your body, then nearly every public place had no a/c. Some of them even believed that a/cs caused cancer, plus refused to use them. If any of the people in this city used the a/c, they would set the temperature control to 90 degrees, which defeated the whole point of having an a/c. While I was teaching, students plus parents would complain about how much I used the a/c. I wasn’t going to have it though. I always used our a/c. I was volunteering to teach in a foreign nation, despite the fact that I wasn’t volunteering to live without an a/c. These teenagers were obviously hot, plus without the a/c, the room always stinked terrible! It never ceases to amaze me how different other cultures can be!

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