I moved to the North and I have no heater

I just moved into a up-to-date condo and it’s really amazing.

The only complaint I have about our up-to-date condo it that there is no fireplace.

I just moved to the North and before I was living down South. When I lived at our old condo the two of us had a fireplace but it was so tepid the two of us barely ever used it. When it was cold outside I would turn off he gas furnace and upgrade it with the fireplace so that really was pretty nice, and now that I am up North the heating bill is outrageous and I assume if I had a fireplace I could save a ton of money. It is discouraging to assume that our old condo is standing there with a fireplace but I can’t use it! The Heating as well as Air Conditioning system that the two of us have in our up-to-date hoes is absolutely new so it is energy efficient fo the most part, but it is really cold and requires the gas furnace to be on almost all afternoon and night. When I moved up North I kind of forgot to factor in the Heating as well as Air Conditioning costs to our rent, which was a large mistake. Our Heating as well as Air Conditioning bill is almost a quarter of the rent, I have called a few Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialists but all of them have told me this is pretty normal around these parts. I am trying to find an Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist that has some energy saving tips for me but most of them just say to install a fireplace and insulate our windows better. I entirely will install a smart control component and also call a mason to get a fireplace installed. I don’t guess it will cost too much money and I am enthusiastic to kneel by a fireplace and assume that I am saving money on our Heating as well as Air Conditioning bill.


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