There was a water issue coming from our indoor unit

It’s that time of the year where I go into our basement and try to clean things out and donate them to the local thrift store.

I seem to always collect items throughout the winter.

It’s almost prefer I buy it just to buy it and then weeks later I’m questioning myself as to why I purchased it! Mainly I do this for holiday and seasonal decorating. I just seem to get so happy about items going on sale that I just overspend. During this time of year I also prefer to get all of our outdoor decorations and furniture from our basement and get it set up. My storage room is where everything is situated and it’s also where our heating and cooling program is installed. I saw a small pool of water coming from the heating and cooling unit. It has been honestly sizzling outside and I’ve been using our a/c program a lot lately. I believe that there should hardly ever be any water around our indoor device and to make sure it was just the evaporator having some sort of condensation build up and not a drastic situation, I called our local heating and cooling provider just to make sure. Within 2 hours our heating and cooling professional, Bobby came. I showed him our indoor heating and cooling device and he checked a few of the unit’s parts. It turns out the it was the evaporator having condensation, however due to the coil being dirty it was dripping on the floor and not in the pan. He suggested that I should continue with our routine repair and cleaning check for our heating and cooling device to ensure that the coil runs efficient and that the people I was with and I do not run into water on the floor again.

Heat pump repair