Waiting for the HVAC worker

I am getting so angry with my HVAC dealer.

I have had to have them out to look at my heating system, several times in the last three months.

They keep finding something else to repair and charging myself and others tons of money. About three weeks later, I was calling them again. I asked the last specialist what was wrong with the heating system and he told myself and others that it was some kind of nozzle that went to the burner. I just looked at him and asked if he even knew what was wrong, and if he was particularly a HVAC specialist. He told myself and others that he was a tech, although he couldn’t find anything wrong. From what he began to say, I gather that no a single particularly found anything wrong and they were billing myself and others for labor that wasn’t done. This week, I had to call the HVAC contractor again because once again, my heating wasn’t toiling. After waiting for more than one hours, I was done and I was getting angry. I called a peculiar HVAC contractor and asked if they could take on a new customer. I told him what was going on and he said he could be there in an hour. He showed up and diagnosed out my heating system. After a careful inspection, he told myself and others there particularly wasn’t a complication with the heating system, except for a small piece of dust that had become lodged in the nozzle. He cleaned the nozzle and only charged myself and others for an inspection call. My official HVAC specialist showed up as he was leaving. He smiled then frowned as I told him to get out. I was no longer their customer.

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