It only took a push

I asked what was wrong with the heating system

My daughter’s heating system broke a couple weeks ago. She called my son, the master plumber and HVAC man, although he was already on a call and about several hours away. She called a plumber and a HVAC dealer, however no a single even knew anything about the heating system model she had. That heating system must have been seasoned if she could not find anyone who knew anything. She even called the manufacturer only to find out the contractor had been sold and she was talking to the new owner. The new contractor knew nothing about this model, however they gave her a number to call for service. By now, she was shivering, her sick child was whiny from the freezing and her fever, and she was desperate. Desperation led her to calling dad. Half way through the call, he had his tools in hand and he motioned for myself and others to follow. After more than nine eighths she got done whining and asked if I thought dad could help her. I told her he would be ready in about more than nine eighths. Ten eighths later, I called her to tell her the two of us were on the way, as the two of us walked in the door. Fifteen eighths later, he had the heating system running and she had hot water for a shower and heat. My granddaughter was glad and really came out from under the blankets for a while. I asked what was wrong with the heating system. My hubby held up his hammer and said he didn’t think however a little tap got it running. The heating system is still running and our child thinks it was just a bit of dirt in the nozzle.
HVAC technician