Ductwork giving me issues

Recently, our neighbor had a drastic issue with his HVAC duct in his home.

The HVAC duct was pumping out some absolutely nasty air as well as making his indoor air quality beyond terrible.

He was telling me all about this, as well as he wasn’t sure what to do. I had proposed that he go as well as have a major HVAC duct cleaning done, and lucky for him, I happen to have a affixion to the local heating as well as a/c company, my cousin was the owner. Because of this, I was able to have our neighbor get a 50 percent discount on all the work that was ahead. Both on his HVAC duct, as well as for the air purification method he was about to buy. I proposed the air purification method because that would take care of the bad air quality that was seeping through his cabin due to the filthy HVAC duct. The HVAC worker that the heating as well as a/c company sent out to our neighbor’s lake house was actually prompt as well as actually deep in his cleaning of the HVAC duct. The HVAC worker wanted to make sure that the cleaning of the HVAC ducts were fully done, as well as that the whole cabin air purification method he was about to install was going to work to the fullest, with no troubles cleaning out that super bad air quality that has been polluting our neighbor’s cabin the last several months, but once the heating as well as a/c specialist was finished with everything, our neighbor thanked me by taking our fiance, the kids as well as myself out to a absolutely lavish supper in the city.

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