Beach apartment does not have central AC

My best neighbor plus I decided to go to the beach last weekend, when the weather was moderate plus the skies were clear.

Every one of us had a 3 afternoon weekend, due to a corporation picnic.

My neighbor plus I thought it was the perfect excuse to get away to the beach plus relax. Every one of us hardly ever go anywhere for the whole weekend, so every one of us decided to stay in a nice beach condo. The place was surprisingly cheap, considering all of the attractive amenities. The beach apartment was in a nice city, plus every one of us had access to a private beach, more than one pools, plus a golf course. Every one of us even had room service until midnight. The only setback to the beach condo, was the lack of central AC. My best neighbor plus I thought the beach apartment would have central AC, but it had more than one window units instead. One of the A/C units was located in the home office, plus the other one was in the master family room. One of us ended up sleeping in the home office, because one of the family rooms lacked any frigid AC. Every one of us made the best of a disappointing situation, plus every one of us appreciated spending all afternoon in the sun. If every one of us decide to spend another weekend at the beach, I certainly wouldn’t choose to stay at the beach apartment again. Even though they had a lot of nice amenities, I still would love to have Central AC. After spending all afternoon at the beach, both of us wanted to kneel in bed plus take a nap; Unfortunately, only one of us had privacy.

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