I hired a not so good Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist online

Both of us were entirely irritated when our house was broken into on Thanksgiving afternoon.

The criminal messed up our home, ruined the dinner by throwing food all over the place, and they even stole our smart control unit, and later on however, I realized how stupid this criminal was, but he really called our PC and left a message with a disguised digital voice.

He called from a clogged number, but little did he guess I had an app called trapcall which showed me all the information from any caller no matter if they were clogged or private numbers. I was able to get the guy’s name and number with the app when he called our PC. He left a silly message saying that if I wanted our smart control component back, I had to send a certain amount of cash in an envelope and leave it at a certain location. I called the police about this instantly and they were able to track the PC number. They ended up catching the guy who stole the smart control unit. The silly thing was the fact that it happened to be the guy both of us called to install the control component in the first place. He was just some tech guy I found online who did Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair and repair for a low cost. I didn’t want to spend a lot of currency to have a smart control component installed, so I hired him for the task. He did seem like a shady sort of person, but I was delighted at the time because it was a cheap upgrade. I didn’t guess he would vandalize our house and steal our smart control unit, and then later try to extort currency from me, but now that guy is in jail and I will never hire any shady people online again.
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