I’m engaged to an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional now

This last weekend was a rather interesting experience, i went to this celebration and the place was quite nice.

I enjoyed the fact that the air quality was perfect and the temperature control settings were truly just right. I also noticed that the control component had a lock on it so that nobody could mess with it. I later l earned from our friend that it was a smart control component so it could truly be controlled without even touching the actual control unit, however then the craziest thing happened, I seen our ex walk into the celebration. Before she saw me I had to pretend like I was dating this girl that was laying nearby me, then when our ex came over to talk to me, I was already saying how me and this girl had been dating for a little while, and surprisingly, she played along with our story and pretended with me that both of us were really going out. My ex seemed to be honestly jealous about us being together, and it was a great feeling to see that. When I got to talking to this nice girl who played along with the situation, she turned out to be a truly interesting person. I l earned that she was an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service professional which was entirely cool. I was just a writer for the local newspaper, but I could talk for hours about odd experiences I have gone through. Both of us ended up entirely enjoying each other’s company and I asked her out on a real date. She didn’t even hesitate to agree to a date! As a matter of fact she told me that if I didn’t ask her out, she was going to ask me.
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