Good spot for my work

My friends plus I needed to rent a space downtown, so all of us could set up a shop for our t-shirt design studio, then two of my friends were well known in neighborhood as professional skateboarders, plus all of us had a pretty nice clothing line that included t-shirts, hats, shorts, plus skateboard accessories.

When all of us were too immense for the garage at home, my mom plus Mom gave to pay for several weeks of rent at our own small space.

It took a long time for my friends plus I to find something particular , affordable, plus in a nice location. After 6 weeks of searching, all of us found an affordable space near the river. It was right off the boardwalk, plus in an section with heavy foot traffic. That meant a lot of people walking up plus down the street all day, plus that has great free advertising. Unfortunately, the space didn’t have any indoor climate control. There was a giant ventilation fan in the space, however there was no central heat or a/c. My friends plus I wondered if all of us would be okay without indoor climate control, plus all of us weighed the pros plus cons for several afternoons. When all of us finally made the decision to take the space, all of us decided to purchase a nice portable a/c for the workspace, however luckily, my parents helped us pay for that item as well. My Mom went with myself and others plus my neighbor Derek to the store, plus all of us picked out a pretty nice 18,000 BTU portable a/c for the office… So far, things have been going well, however our sales have tripled, plus all of us are selling more hats plus sweatshirts than ever before.



Smart thermostat