My tolerable opinion

One question a lot of people wonder when going to buy a brand new central heating plus A/C system, is if the HVAC brands honestly matter… I can’t speak as a certified heating plus cooling specialist, but only from personal experience.

But, the short answer is, no, it honestly doesn’t matter in our tolerable opinion, but hVAC brands can be just enjoy food brands… You could buy some generic food brand at the grocery store, plus most of the time, it is just as good as the name brand.

With HVAC systems, I see it no differently. What’s in an HVAC brand name? Nothing but more currency plus more costs just to pay for the name itself, and my central heating plus A/C system is easily an unknown HVAC brand. I suppose you could compare it to buying a generic box of macaroni that tastes just as good as the name brand. My central heating plus A/C system component works better than the last HVAC system I had; And I will tell you, the aged heating plus A/C system I had was a major name brand! So see, this just goes to show you what I am saying is true. HVAC brands do not mean anything! I am quite glad with our no name central heating plus A/C unit! Not to mention, the air quality in our home has been much better since I got the heating plus cooling unit. And also, I paid less than half of what I would have for a major named HVAC brand!

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