My Son Went to The Ybor City Jail

I didn’t get enough sleep last night, because I spent the evening driving to Ybor City, where I picked up my son from the police station.

He told myself and his father that he was spending the evening with a friend, so I never questioned it.

I even personally dropped him off in St. Petersburg, at a friend’s house. He was supposed to spend the entire weekend there plus call me to pick him up. Last night, my son ended up in a Ybor City bar, and they were caught trying to buy beer. The police caught them plus held them in Ybor City until I got there. Unfortunately, his friend couldn’t even get his Mother to pick up her phone, so I had to leave him with the police. They wouldn’t let me take him home either, because they were underage. My son had a fake ID he was using, plus the police confiscated it. As soon as I asked how they ended up in Ybor City, my son tried to tell me they were lost plus looking for a new phone. Honestly, I can’t believe he thought I’d buy that! Ybor City is at least 45 minutes away from St. Petersburg. When you’re living in Florida, you don’t accidentally end up in Ybor City. I couldn’t handle anymore lies or excuses. I simply grounded him for a week, plus confiscated his driver’s license plus vehicle keys. I don’t know if his friend’s Mom finally picked up her phone, but I hope he made it back safely.

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