Wanting to install central air in old home

I love the old house that I live in.

My husband and I bought this five years ago and we’ve been doing a lot of little renovations to it here and there.

One of the things that we really want to focus on is the air system within our house. We feel like we need to update the heating and cooling system because of how old it is. Right now we do not have any central heating and air conditioning installed in our home. For our heating system we have electric baseboard heaters and for air conditioning because we have nothing but fans. I would love to have central heating and air because I wouldn’t have to worry about turning on fans or the pain of installing window air conditioning units. Having central heating and air conditioning is so simple, you just go to your thermostat and switch over which system you want to use depending on what the weather is like outside. We had a free estimate from a local heating and cooling technician come and tell us how much it could potentially cost us to have central heating and cooling in our home. We got a quote stating that it would be about $5,000 to install all ductwork, a new thermostat and both of the units itself. This cost also includes all of the service and installation fees. The cost was a little bit on the higher side due to the fact of the amount of square footage that we have in our home. Despite it being more than what we wanted to spend we still think it’s a great investment because if we ever do decide to sell our house down the road having central air does increase value to our home.


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