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It was a little crazy when I went to the grocery store the other day.

I really needed to get a few food items so I could make dinner for my wife and I.

When I got to the grocery store though, it was absolutely freezing in the store. I asked some of the workers what was going on with the temperature control settings and they explained that the cooling system was on the fritz. Basically, the air conditioning was cranked up to the max and they were not able to adjust it for some reason. They explained that they had an HVAC professional on the way to have it fixed. It was so freezing in there, I knew that I couldn’t possibly do my shopping without getting sick. So I actually went back home, grabbed my heavy coat and went back to the store. People actually told me that it was a good move to get my coat when I went back in the store. Seriously, it felt like winter inside the store. There were not a lot of other people in the store either because it was just too cold. The workers there apologized for the HVAC system being on the fritz like that, and I just felt bad for them because they had to deal with this freezing temperature inside the place. The guy at the checkout actually was wearing earmuffs and said it was way too cold for him to be working in there. He kept saying that he hoped the HVAC worker got there soon to repair the cooling system.

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