Poor hotel experience due to lack of quality air

Traveling is one of the things that I value most in this life.

  • I think if people do not travel and explore new places and develop and experience other cultures we are not able to recognize and accept all those differences in our world.

Recently I have been doing a lot of traveling abroad because I have a good job now where I can afford it and it allows me to do this. If I didn’t have a good job I wouldn’t be splurging on travel as much as I do now! If you know me you know that I travel on a budget. I like to keep track and write reviews on the places that I go and the places that I stay at. I was so shocked at this place that i stayed at where I felt like i had to contact the hotel manager because of the poor service and experience that I had experienced. While I was staying in this hotel I was extremely grossed out at the lack of air purification and temperature control in the hotel. When I walked into my hotel room the air smelt very stagnant and old. I went to the thermostat to change the temperature of the room but the thermostat wasn’t working and the air conditioning was not kicking on. I called the front desk and told them about my issue. They told me they could not move me to another room because they didn’t have any more rooms. The woman was so rude about it that she ended up hanging up the phone on me. I didn’t want to make this an issue anymore so I dealt with a hot room that night, without any air conditioning and I checked out the following day to find a new hotel to stay at and i wrote a review to be a hotel manager. The next hotel was fully equipped with proper air conditioning.

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