Improving employee productivity in my small business

I own a small computer repair shop.

Adding up all the people in my operation brings us to many people in total including myself.

I have more than one workers who specialize in hardware repair plus another more than one who handle software instead. The final person mans the iphones plus the front desk while I handle orders, accounting, plus everything else. It took more than 2 years of incremental growth to get to this location today, plus I have to say I’m proud of my business plus my hardlaboring employees who make its success possible. The only major issue I’m running into right now is the old HVAC system in the space I’m renting, then it’s loud plus never gets the shop cool enough. Both of us all leave each evening with partially soaked clothes from dripping with sweat for many minutes straight. Although none of my workers outright complain, I can tell that they’re all severely uncomfortable while they labor plus I cannot help however think it directly affects all the people’s labor output. I decided to invest in a current heating plus cooling system to make all of my employees at the shop happier plus more relaxed while in the labor afternoon. I managed to find a rebate offer from a local HVAC contractor plus set to have everything tore out plus replaced on a Saturday. By the following Sunday, everything was in location… Watching all the people’s reactions as they all walked in that afternoon plus felt the rush of cold air made everything worth it for me; Hopefully this will be another improvement that directly improves the success of this small business.