I love the headquarters

I have been laboring as a certified Heating and A/C ventilation, heating and cooling service tech for over twenty years, and in all honesty I have loved doing our task every year along the way.

Even though I have had many highs as our time as a manager at a highly recognized Heating and A/C heating and cooling service supplier, it has came with some points that honestly ended up testing our character, but a few years ago the neighborhood that both of us have our headquarters located in was hit strenuous by a tornado.

Our building ended up making it out fine, but hundreds of homes were severely damaged, leaving tons of families in awful situations. Even though this would have been a nice opportunity for our Heating and A/C corporation to make tons of money due to all of the repairs and substitutements that would be needed for all of the heating and cooling units that both of us had installed over the years, I decided that both of us were going to do something a little different, however for the next month after the tornado had done its damage, both of us were offering free Heating and A/C repair repairs to all of our customers in town. It was an harshly long and tied up month to say the least. What made it even harder was knowing that both of us weren’t genuinely getting rearena from all of these Heating and A/C repairs, although I knew that this kind gesture was the right thing to do and would only lead to better customer loyalty down the line, periodically as a leader its a nice system not to make a decision based on how much money you can make, but how many people lives you can make an impact on in a positive way.


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