I am getting in some extreme trouble

My sister is one of the most talented people that I have ever met, but she has regularly been one of those people that pretty much everyone wants to be around and hang out with ever since she was walking around in diapers! Everything was going enjoyable for him, however then she hit a large speed bump in life, however while she was in school, she ended up getting into some extreme trouble one night and ended up getting kicked out of school and off of the basketball team as well; This led to weeks of my sister being back at house and hanging out with the wrong people every afternoon mostly drinking and partying, then i tried my best to help him and get him headed down another path in life, however nothing I would say got through to him, just as my family and I were about to supply up on him, my sister ended up finding her saving grace, which was a career path in the Heating & Air Conditioning ventilation, heating and cooling industry, and one of her old friends was able to get him an interview for an apprenticeship at the local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier in town, and she ended up doing proving her natural talent and impressing the other certified Heating & Air Conditioning repairman quickly. She has now taken the steps to become a certified Heating & Air Conditioning repairman, and she is making enjoyable currency while being surrounded by positive, hardworking guys and women all afternoon. I was distraught for my sister for a while there after she had struggled after school, however I am ecstatic that she proved me wrong and I couldn’t be more proud of him!
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