Here’s what happened when the office got a better A/C unit installed

My office has consistently had a battle about the A/C unit… Some people absolutely prefer for it to be cold and other people absolutely prefer for it to be hot, this lead to their being an HVAC battle almost every week; I thought the best thing to do was to install a ductless mini split plan but our boss kept telling myself and others that it’s too fancy, and after I considered quitting our boss said he would talk to an HVAC corporation to see what he could do … The HVAC corporation was able to convince our boss that he would save a lot of cash by switching to a better HVAC system, and the next day the HVAC corporation was in the office! Now that our boss has went through the trouble to install an A/C unit pretty close to each cubicle we are all working a lot better.

All of us all assume much more comfortable and we are able to focus on our labor instead of the lack of AC! My boss has thanked myself and others and told myself and others he has seen an increase in sales since he talked to the HVAC corporation… Not only has he saved on his energy bill from switching the HVAC, although he is also earning more cash from his thrilled workers. I knew that our boss would absolutely benefit and I am so ecstatic that we have a working A/C unit finally. A few of our coworkers have also thanked myself and others for pushing for a current heating and cooling system; You should never underestimate how important a nice control unit and HVAC plan are!



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