The benefits of getting a heat pump

If you live in a moderate climate, get a heat pump.

  • There is no other reason to get a more powerful HVAC system.

A heat pump can do it all and better. To start, a heat pump is twice as efficient as any other heater or air conditioner. How the heat pump works is by moving heat energy, that is why it is so efficient. For heating, the warm outdoor heat is pumped inside. For cooling the inside heat energy is pushed outdoors. You have an indoor air handler and air compressor that handle both heating and air. So this is one system to have for everything. Only one device to get HVAC repairs and service on. How it works save energy and you save even more energy on HVAC tune ups. Another benefit is that the system is ductless. You don’t need to worry about ductwork installation and care. With central HVAC, a homeowner is constantly worried about patching air ducts and cleaning them. Holes in ductwork causes higher energy bills and dirty air ducts lead to polluted indoor air quality. The heat pump system does none of this. The greatest benefit might be that you can use a heat pump for zone control. HVAC zone control is where every room in the house can be set at a different temperature and not affect one another. Set up multiple air handlers and thermostats. They can all connect to the same outdoor unit easily. This also saves energy and is very cool to have. Everyone has different temperature preferences and most homes have multiple occupants.


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