Stepping into the 21st century

Against all the odds, I have stepped fully into the 21st century.

Not only do I have the latest smartphone, I now own a smart thermostat.

If the truth be told, I have constantly been dragged toward technology kicking and screaming a bit. I’m in our fifties so I had to get hip to a lot of technology simply to keep doing our task. Yet, I constantly resisted when it came to all the personal tech gadgets. The smart thermostat is such an amazing feat of technology. My local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dealer sent someone out to install it not even a month ago. As he was showing myself and others the key features, the tech advocated I resist programming it. I was somewhat surprised by this. I thought programming something like this was the entire point. But, the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C guy explained that the technology would particularly learn our patterns and then manage the thermostat accordingly. He was entirely correct. It took less than a week for the smart thermostat to figure myself and others out. While I’m out during the day, the home temperature is allowed to rise. When I get lake home the home has begun to cool down. So, by the time I get out of the shower the home is at the perfect temperature for relaxing. Just having the modern smart thermostat technology has already shaved over 10 percent off our utility bill. I would like to incorporate automatic shades to the mix. My modern thermostat can particularly sync up with the shades to further mitigate heating. The energy bill savings alone will spend our savings for the modern shades within the year. I’m so cheerful with this technology and I even guess like a cool nerd to boot.
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