I must have excellent air quality

For the most part, I prefer to stay at my own house where I can control the temperature control settings.

  • At home, I am in full control of the air quality as well, and this gives me peace of mind.

When I go to other places, especially other people’s houses, I find myself being disappointed with the air quality and temperature control settings. This is why I am usually hesitant about going to parties. They usually are a great time and all, but when there are too many people, the place tends to get overheated very easily. If the HVAC system is not working great, then it will become entirely sizzling and I can’t really stand that. If the air quality is poor, I really can’t wait to get out of the place! I always appreciate certain people though who know to keep up with their HVAC system maintenance and have superior air quality. If I am invited to their place for a get together, I don’t mind so much. If it is a place I have never been before, I mostly turn down the invitation and make up some kind of excuse. If it is a place that I have been before and I was not impressed with the air quality, I also tend to make up an excuse not to go. Maybe I seem like a picky type of person who is not easily pleased, but I am very serious about my health. In order to keep up that health and to not experience breathing problems and coughing fits, I must have excellent air quality!

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