Looking for a warm place to hide

My grandchildren are always running through my house, while playing hide and seek.

They are always looking for a good place to hide because somehow Pop-Pop is always able to find them.

Since Pop-Pop isn’t the greatest at hiding or seeking, I usually give him little hints like pointing or nodding my head in the right direction. A couple weeks ago, they were over at the house, and they all wanted to play hide and seek. Pop-Pop decided that he was going to do some hiding of his own. When they all counted to ten, he snuck downstairs. He had put an old recliner over in the furnace room. He went downstairs, sat down in his chair, and the warmth of the furnace had lulled him to sleep. The kids searched for almost ten minutes when they finally gave up. I wasn’t going to tell them, but their little sister who was only three said she would find Pop-Pop. When she was gone for ten minutes, the kids thought they had both disappeared. My grandchildren are the most adorable set of four-year-old triplets and their baby sister is only three. They began to cry because they couldn’t find either Pop-Pop or Lisa. We crept downstairs to the furnace room. There, all snuggled up in her Pop-Pop’s arms was Lisa and they were both sound to sleep. I guess the heating from the furnace, just made them both really comfortable. It didn’t take long before the triplets were curled up in the other recliner and I left my sleeping family to take their nap while I had an hour of peaceful quiet to myself.

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