A/C expert is woman

I know it’s sexist to be surprised when a woman is doing a man’s job, but I was still surprised when my AC repair expert was a woman.

I was having trouble with the AC, and I called for some help.

The AC wasn’t blowing any cold air, and the motor was making a strange sound every time the machine turned on. I didn’t expect to see a woman show up on my doorstep. When I called the AC repair shop, I spoke with a gentleman. He told me that my technician named Jesse, would be there between 12 and 3. I always expected to see a man, even though I know the name Jesse can be a woman two. The woman could tell that I expected someone else, but she didn’t seem uncomfortable. I tried to hide my shock, but I didn’t do a very good job. The AC technician took the machine apart and performed some tests. She came into the house some time later, and told me that I needed to replace the blower motor. The AC technician told me that the blower motor could not be installed until the next day. I was disappointed to go all day without any cold air, but I was happy that the entire AC unit didn’t need to be replaced. When the blower motor arrived the next day, a different technician came to install all of the parts. I never had a chance to tell the AC technician that I was sorry. If I had it to do over again, I would try much harder not to be surprised.

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