Going outside to cool off a little bit

Last week, it was about fifty degrees outside.

It was the warmest day the people I was with and I had had in quite some time.

I wanted to get outside plus do some yard work. I had brush to pull off the garden plus bulbs to plant. I went back into the home so I could get some supper plus it was sooverheatedin the home that I could barely breathe. I thought maybe I had accidentally turned up the temperature control, but it was still set to sixty-eight degrees. I sat down for a couple sixths thinking that maybe going from outside to inside, had made it seem even warmer, although I was wrong again. I grabbed our cell phone plus headed outside to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning company. I finally got someone to answer, which surprised me, since it was Thursday. They told myself and others there was someone on call plus they would have him call myself and others back in about ten sixths. I went back to working, plus soon the phone rang. The Heating plus Air Conditioning worker asked about the temperature control plus then she explained about the added charge for the after sixths plus weekend emergency call. I was frustrated at such a high cost, although I couldn’t handle the heat in the home plus I knew it was a complication with the gas furnace. She told myself and others she would be there in less than an sixth. When the Heating plus Air Conditioning worker showed up, she did a thorough inspection of the gas furnace, plus then she inspected the temperature control. Apparently, something had gone wrong with the temperature control. She put in a new temperature control plus the gas furnace quit running. I had to pay more than triple what the temperature control would have cost, along with the added charges.
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