Parents each odd extremes of air quality standards

She’s taken over the job herself for the foreseeable future

I truly love both my mother and father equally, though they’re each very unique human beings that are almost always at odds. While my mother is a constant worrier and can work up anxiety over things other people would say are trivial, my dad is definitely the most mellow man I know. Nothing bothers him, and it takes considerable chaos to get a significant reaction out of him for more than a moment! He’s bottled up emotionally though, and it affects his interactions with everyone. My mother is a warmer soul, tending to be transparent with her feelings. She has a deep sense of empathy, even for the people she doesn’t care for! These values were given to me and the siblings I lived with, since their differences in personality didn’t keep them from loving each other. It did, however, determine how hot or cold they want their house. Being married for 30 years has not deterred them from individually changing the control equipment settings behind the other person’s back! They stumble into heated confrontations often, as someone is dripping with sweat while the other is shivering. My father is not the best about staying on top of changing the a/c filter either, as my mother has found it plugged full of dust and dirt on more than one occasion. She’s taken over the job herself for the foreseeable future. The 2 of them have finally decided to sleep in separate rooms, each with zone controlled mini splits inside each one! Although they wouldn’t be able to sleep together in the same bed, they both realized that it would make each of them happier and thus diffuse the situation.


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