Love the smell of coffee as indoor air aromatherapy

There’s nothing better than the warm and enveloping feel of pleasant scents and aromas.

Whether it’s candles, natural beeswax, or the woodsy smell of spruce in December, I can never get enough to satisfy my nose.

When my coworker gifted me a bottle of frankincense last year, it started a chain reaction of buying more varieties essential oils and increasingly more expensive oil diffusers. I have a unique nebulizing style oil diffuser that I leave near my air return for my HVAC system. I like to allow the air system to draw in the oil aromas and help spread them throughout my whole house. Sometimes I do the same thing with candles, especially these new candles with wicks made from wood that crackle and smell like a tiny campfire. But after I found a bunch of clearanced holiday coffee in February this last year, I accidentally left a bag open on the table near the air return. The coffee smell permeated my house via the air conditioner and the result was simply amazing. I even went as far as brewing an extra pot the other day with no intention of drinking it, just leaving it open in a bowl where I can smell the aroma through the house. I have tried it with fresh unground coffee with good results as well. You can’t say enough about freshening the air in your house the natural way, especially when it smells better than a synthetic candle. Plus, my friends all comment how my house smells like a coffee shop anytime they stop by to visit. One of these days I should make homemade donuts just to complete the experience.

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