I couldn’t take the chance

Having wanted to visit the mountains of Europe for ages, I managed to scrounge enough money together one day to go on a trip and also cover lodging fees along with the flight itself.

I wasted little time planning the trip! I started with buying the tickets and supplies.

Then, I turned off the water main in our house to prevent a flood on the rare event of a burst pipe. I also turned off most of the power in the house from the circuit breaker in the garage, so the only thing I left active was the air conditioning unit. My thought process was that I live in the south in a tepid and muggy environment, so mold can easily grow in a place that is left without A/C for days. The last thing I wanted was to leave the house with no air conditioning running, and come back to mold on the walls! My most fatal flaw was not having the weather conditions system checked out prior to my departure, as the week-long European excursion didn’t help me forget about coming home to a busted air conditioning system. It was hot, muggy, and there was no airflow at all. Thankfully, I managed to find a professional who could swing by the same morning, and repair our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system! What he found was frightening, as he claimed the air conditioner had been leaking coolant out a crack in the evaporator coil. Since the coolant diminishes over time, the system’s ability to cool the air also diminishes. This leads to a chain reaction of the unit working harder and harder to compensate! That means the crack gets even worse, and the cycle continues. This can be bad news, which is exactly what it was for me.


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