Having troubles with paint and oil fumes getting in garage air handler

I had been saving for more than 2 years to remodel my house from the ground up – literally. I wanted modern vinyl flooring in every room, and even planned to knock down walls just to increase the size of my living room for added value. Sadly I ran into a problem during this process, which was my stupid asthma acting up while I came into contact with airborne debris. Fumes, loads of dust in the air, and other debris from the building materials all made my head pound with a headache as I had shortness of breath. I thought my asthma had went away in my childhood for the most part, but it seemed this new remodeling project brought it back in full force! For a time, I debated staying in a hotel before realizing impractically costly it would be. So, I started looking at getaway rentals for the time being. This lovely little house in a nearby town was available, so I went over as soon as I could! Within days though, I was bothered by a chemical odor coming from the vents of the air conditioning system in the place. It changed or got worse each morning from then on, and I spent somewhere close to 4 hours after work each day to find any possible explanations for the odor! To my luck, I found a post about contamination with air handlers in homes. The carbon monoxide from car exhaust among other things slowly enters air handlers, and that causes the entire house to fill with the odorless deadly gas! Maybe there are chemicals near the air handler in the garage, I thought to myself. That’s when I discovered ton of oil-based paint directly underneath the air handler! No wondet the smell was so persistent. The fumes hit my face as soon as I opened the door to this storage closet! I’m just glad that the property owner had a shed in the backyard where I could store the paint until I moved out.

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