Frustrated with rampant humidity troubles residing in the south

When I finally saved enough cash to afford it, I moved out to the mountainous regions of the American west. I have thankfully had the privilege of staying in 4 different states through my upbringing, and enjoyed the best every temperature had to offer! I wasn’t in the position of someone who had never left a single place their entire life, or desperately wanted to leave at all costs! What drives me crazy about my home now is the harsh heat and humidity. Since I live far enough south that I’m within an hour or so from the nearest beach, I’m also living so far inland that I never get a pleasant ocean breeze of any kind! It sucks. I’m surrounded by forests in a swampy area, so it’s always hot as can be! It’s also as humid as a sauna, and usually reeks like rotting plants in every direction. I’m sick of spending so much money just to keep my a/c from breaking down, too. I run it close to non-stop for 24 hours a day, and I run into occasional coil freeze ups too. When that happens, everything must be shut down for an hour just to get the ice to melt off the coil! My a/c is never sufficient at removing enough humidity to make it bearable here either, and leaves me with the added expense of running a portable dehumidifier on my already high electric bill. With all of the money I end up spending on service and repair coupled with the utility bills, I just want nothing more than to move back to a dry and cool temperature again!



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