Finding mold in homes

I have worked a number of unusual or unsavory jobs in this lifetime.

I handled retail in a big box store.

I’ve worked as a tour guide for a national park, and even spent time in the military. The task that left the worst impression on me though, was definitely having to work for this small property management company in town. If someone in the city wants to rent their home out to potential tenants, but doesn’t want to handle custodial work, they pay a property management company – like mine – to act as a middle man. We facilitate any repairs and handle any emergencies. The people I was with and I also buy cheap homes in disrepair, often on sketchy plots, just to try and flip them. All of rent on these properties goes directly to our company as a result, so it’s pretty lucrative! Naturally, as time goes on, management increases their budget as well as obtains more properties for us to repair. The issue is that the people I was with and I live in a hot as well as muggy environment in the south, so most of these homes are left for months at a time completely sealed up and with no a/c of any kind! After getting exposed to toxic mold on several occasions, I went out to grab a special respirator that I paid out of pocket for just so my own lungs would stay safe. Working around mold spores is a great way to get very sick, very fast! Don’t surround yourself with dangerous work environments if you want to live for a long time, and make sure the air quality is perfect if you really want to work somewhere.


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