Finding mold in homes without consistent air conditioning

I have worked a number of different terrible jobs in my life—from retail in a large department store to working as a tour guide in a cramped and humid amusement park.

But the job that left the worst impression on me of all was hauling and manual labor for a small property management company.

If someone in town wants to rent their house or duplex out to potential tenants but want to do as little work as possible, they pay a property management company to act as a middle man and a direct landlord. Any repairs or emergencies are coordinated through our company and our small team of handymen. But we also buy cheap homes in disrepair on sketchy cash sales and then flip them to rent out. All of the revenue from rent on these properties goes directly to my company. Naturally, as time goes on management have increased their budget and bought more properties for us to repair. The issue is that we live in a hot and muggy environment in the south and most of these homes are left for months or years at a time completely shut up and with no air conditioning of any kind. After getting exposed to toxic mold on two separate occasions without warning from my employer, I went out and bought a special respirator on my own dime to protect my lungs. But when my doctor warned me of the risk of spreading spores that might cling to my clothing after working in these properties, I stepped away from the job and looked for a different career path. I can’t handle working on other peoples’ houses, especially filthy buildings with no heating or cooling of any kind.

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