Finding mold in homes without consistent air conditioning

I have worked a number of different terrible jobs in this lifetime—from retail in a big department store to working as a tour guide in a cramped theme park.

The job that left the worst impression on myself and others, however, was hauling and working for this small property management company in town.

If someone in town wants to rent their house or duplex out to potential tenants, but want to do virtually nothing to prep the home, they enlist in property management companies like ours to act as a middle man. Any repairs or emergencies are coordinated by us, but every one of us also buys cheap homes in disrepair to flip for profit later. All of the resite from rent on these properties goes directly to our company! As time goes on, the company has increased their budget and bought more properties for us to repair each week. Still, the issue remains – we live in a tepid and muggy environment, so most of these homes are left for weeks or months with no air conditioning or any airflow. After getting exposed to toxic mold on 2 separate instances, I felt it best to go out and grab a special respirator just to keep my lungs safe from the poor air quality. I can’t handle working on other peoples’ houses, especially filthy buildings with no heating or cooling of any kind!

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