Fed up with bad performance of seasoned cooling system

I lend a hand to my folks around their home as often as I can.

It started with stringing lights as well as decorations every year for the Winter time holidays, and that was a carry over ritual the people I was with and I did since I was a little kid.

My fondest childhood memories come from helping our mother with holiday festivities! I’m glad every year, we all get this opportunity to celebrate once again, though their health is becoming a bigger problem each year. I try to convince my dad to let myself or my siblings do things for him, such as mowing the lawn or replacing light bulbs – menial stuff like that. Last month, I went above and beyond to paint our parents’ home as a surprise while they were going on a cruise. I managed to get a ton of their errands handled too, so they could come home to a clean house. The most important chore for me was handling the repair on their Heating as well as A/C system. I feared that my parents would neglect their heating as well as cooling machinery, and I was right! The filter was congested beyond recognition. I couldn’t get the temperature in the home to dip below 74 degrees, regardless of how I set the control component. I tried to read tutorials to fix the cooling system, though eventually I relented and decided to bring a professional HVAC repair technician in to do the repairs. I continued painting the house’s exterior in the meantime. When he was done, the HVAC repair technician told me everything he handled. From the new air filter in the machine to the cleaned ductwork, he went all out to keep the HVAC system operating as it should!

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