Essential oils helping calm myself

Don’t get me started on how much I hate our new apartment! Getting short-tempered at work and avoiding questions about our new home has made it obvious that I’m in no mood to talk about the place.

Administration for the apartment complex wouldn’t let me see the unit I would eventually end up with, as a staged model near the leasing office was all they could show me.

They claim this is simply to make a delay shrink, I can’t help but believe that this can’t be the only reason why they did it! See, my cooling system is so disgusting that I might have to move for that reason on its own, and that’s ignoring the abundance of worrying issues like the carpet stains, non-functioning toilet or broken exhaust fan in the kitchen. No, all of those complaints combined cannot come anywhere close in bothering me quite at much as the smell leaving our cooling system vents! Moldy homes are nothing new to me, but this was as if a fan was blowing spores around nonstop with nothing else but the nasty fumes present in the meantime! The only thing that seems to help at all is diffusing essential oils near the air return for our Heating as well as A/C system. Otherwise, I don’t buy into the supposed medical hype over some of their alleged uses! the smells produced from diffusing high quality essential oils is surpassed by few things in this world. The oil blend I use has such a strong scent, it quickly overcuts the scent of mold and fungus. Sometimes that’s just what you need to kill off the scent while you kill off the source!