Essential oils helping calm me down

I don’t like the new lake house at all.

Our coworkers say they’re starting to notice my wife and I’s disdain, too.

I’m correctly short tempered too, as I think any questions about our lake house makes me want to rage! When I signed our lease, the neighborhood authority wouldn’t let us see the unit I would eventually end up with near the water. Although they claimed this was simply to cut out as much delay in time between a former tenant moving out plus a new 1 moving in, I can’t help but think this can’t be the only reason – there’s more to it! My air conditioner is so gross. I might have to move simply for that alone, and that’s ignoring the abundance of worrying stains on the carpet, or the toilet that isn’t properly seated and rocks back and forth as you sit on it! All of those issues combined still can’t touch the grossness of the smell left by the air conditioning system. I have smelled yucky moldy homes before, but this was next level! Like a fan that was blowing spores around nonstop, with nothing else but the musty and earthy fumes present in the meantime. The only thing that seems to help marginally is diffusing essential oils near our air return for our Heating, Ventilation and A/C system! Although I don’t buy into the supposed medical hype over some of their alleged uses, the odors produced from diffusing high quality essential oils is surpassed by few things in this world! The oil blend I use smells as though it directly cuts through the fungal smell, too. That could simply be our mental expectations, and not the hard truth! In any event, these oils have me feeling somewhat more sane as my wife and I look for a new lake house, and try to get everything packed up.



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