Curious on R-22

I’ll admit that while I’m technologically inept, I can’t say I’ve tried to fix that in the past.

I know nothing whatsoever about tools or repairs.

I could not be any worse with my hands, either! I couldn’t even change an air filter without nearly cutting a finger off. So, I work in a call center instead of somewhere that I might lose a finger. At most, I use my hands in between calls to log information or redirect purchasers to the right department. The work is done with my ears and voice, and that fits these limitations nicely. I managed to run into our Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional the other day after I had swung over to the house for an early dinner after work. Since I caught him right as he was putting the air handler back together, I didn’t want to harass him. Then again, to see him at all is a rarity! I chatted with him for a few minutes, and he told me all about how despite it continuing to excel, the air conditioner should be replaced soon. I asked him why, so he went into detail about how the coolant used in the air conditioning system can’t be bought here in the United States anymore. The diminishing supply is recycled refrigerant, or from shelf storage! As hard as it is now to locate it, the dwindling supply will vanish completely in time. From what I could gather, Freon has helped deplete the ozone layer considerably, hence the rush to get rid of it. Thankfully, I had some money saved in the emergency fund, so I took the plunge and installed a new plan altogether.


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