Curious as to what R-22 is

Being the technologically inept dork that I am, I definitely would say that I have no understanding of tools or repairs.

I could not be any worse with these hands either, because I couldn’t draw a circle if I had to trace it! Instead, I work in a quiet call center, and at most I use these hands to chart info or transfer calls.

Hard to mess that up, right? Most of the work is done with ears and a voice, which fits me nicely. Speaking of aptitude, I managed to run into my Heating as well as A/C repair technician the other day as I came home for an early dinner. Catching him right as he was putting our air handler back together was a bit awkward at first since I don’t get to see him much. We usually only talk on the phone due to our hours. I chatted with him for a moment, and he warned me that I should consider replacing the cooling system sometime soon. I was pretty confused, but he explained – the coolant used in the cooling system—Freon—is no longer available to produce or import in the United States. The little supply available now is mostly recycled refrigerant, so sourcing it isn’t easy! The dwindling supply will vanish completely in time, but that’s for the better. Freon has helped deplete the ozone layer in the atmosphere, and in an attempt to curb its continued use, many developed countries have banded together to make it obsolete. Strange coolants are available now, and if I had some money saved in my emergency fund, I could take the plunge and install a new system altogether!

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