There’s a lot of bees here

Last year we started noticing that there were a whole lot more bees in our backyard than usual. At first I thought that this was probably a good thing. I mean, I’ve been hearing in the news about how certain kinds of bees and honeybees are going extinct. And since if honey bees go extinct, we will all eventually die from lack of flowers and pollination, I thought that seeing all of these bees was a good sign for the environment – at least for the environment around our house, anyway. But then one day my son got stung while he was playing frisbee in the backyard and he smacked the bee down with his frisbee. When I saw the bee laying there, I noticed that it wasn’t a nice little honey bee at all. It was a wasp! And I hate wasps more than just about anything else in the world. They are evil, in my opinion. I mean, really, what purpose to they even serve in the world other than to sting people? Turns out we had a major wasp infestation in our backyard and there were hundreds of wasps flying around out there. That’s the worst thing that could happen in my backyard, besides something like an earthquake! I called a wasp extermination service and scheduled them to come to our house to do a wasp removal of all of those little monsters in our yard. Hopefully by this time next week, there won’t be a single wasp left out there. I can’t stand the thought of my kids getting stung by wasps!

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