I was trying to avoid accidents

It’s a bit crazy how we can often find the most ingenious way to solve a problem by accident, isn’t it? I think so, especially when the solution to a problem comes from resolving an unrelated problem, however let myself and others explain: A few months ago, I had to get our water gas furnace substituted at our apartment, however the water gas furnace had cooked, and water was slowly starting to drip out onto the floor in a slow but steady pace, and i had to bring maintenance specialists to our house ASAP, and I was on the 2nd floor and could end up causing water damage for the renters who were directly below me! When the specialists arrived and repaired our water heater, they left a floor fan running on the ground right next to the closet where our water gas furnace was stored.

While the floor fan was running, I observed that the house was much cooler than usual.

That’s when I realized that the floor fan was pushing all the cool air up from the ground, and forcing the fresh warm air to stay up at the ceiling! Upon having this realization, I did some research to see what a floor fan costs, both in terms of upfront purchasing costs and energy United States per minute. I learned the hard way that even if I used numerous floor fans at once, I would still only use a fraction of the energy used per minute by our central air conditioner, then how incredible is that? I have exhaust fans in my family room and lavatory, so I could always use those to draw air out of the house and fresh air in through an open window. With a floor fan of my very own, I realized in the moment that I’d be able to rely far less on our air conditioner proposal and save some big time currency!



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