I really don't think it's a big deal

I spent many weekends plus summers staying at my Grandparents’ house. I still remember the smell of the giant suppers my Grandma would cook for all of us early in the morning; She’d be up early enough so that the delicious smells were already swirling in the air the moment our eyes first opened. And she was a phenomenal cook at that, teaching me many tricks of the trade along the years plus spurring my interest in food from an early age. But there was something else I remember keenly about staying at their house—all of their old appliances. They had an old tube television from the 1950s plus 1 of the first microwaves produced from the early to mid ‘74s. The entire kitchen is all original appliances that my Grandma got around the same time as the microwave, so walking into their kitchen was care about taking a step into a time capsule. They also had an old heating plus cooling plan installed. It was a standard break plan with the condenser outside plus the air conditioner coil plus gas furnace heating element inside the air handler in an indoor closet. The condenser had been replaced, but the air conditioner was over numerous decades old at that point. Any boy oh boy, that thing was incredibly loud when it turned on. I don’t believe if they were simply used to the noise or heard it at lower volumes due to hearing problems. But my sister plus I both knew how alarmingly loud that air handler was the first few times the two of us heard it as toddlers before understanding what an air conditioner was plus what it did. By contrast, every central air conditioner plus gas furnace combo that I’ve come across these days makes less noise than the air conditioner in your car. Some of them are virtually silent. And I’m glad too, because I still have full use of my ears plus can’t imagine living among machines making that much noise all day long.

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