I have been there so long

My spouse as well as I have been together for a really long time now.

In total we’ve been together for over twelve years, and both of us never had any kids.

We’re hoping to begin trying sometime soon, but there’s no rush. The good thing is that we legitimately don’t argue about much. However, we do argue about our air conditioning temperature settings. I get really cold in our apartment, but my spouse is always flaming hot. It’s a constant struggle for us to agree on a temperature that we can agree on. I try my very best to not switch the temperature settings, so that my spouse is delighted. I get really annoyed when I always have to wear a cardigan in my own home. I have spoken to my spouse about the Heating as well as Air Conditioning settings before, but he doesn’t understand why I have a problem. I guess he wouldn’t understand since he’s the one who always comes out on top. I legitimately hope that my spouse as well as I can come to an agreement on our Heating as well as Air Conditioning preferences, because that would be a seriously dumb reason for us to end our relationship after all these years. He’s always saying that I knew how he preferred the air conditioning to be set before we got moved in together, so I shouldn’t still be complaining. I think he’s being rather selfish as well as needs to consider my feelings about the Heating as well as Air Conditioning situation. It’s starting to become a serious problem for me. I hope the two of us can get it together soon.

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