Well what else could I do?

I was utterly shocked the other afternoon when I took the vent cover off of, at least, at the time what I thought was a heat register in my residing room at home.

I figured that I should vacuum out the vents before I even turned on the heat for the first time.

I was still relatively new to the home plus this would be the first Wintertide season residing there full time. Imagine my surprise when I realized that there was no stretch of duct work there. It was really open to the other side of the wall where there was simply an identical vent cover. I thought at first that someone just up and put them there for decorative purposes but when I asked the rental property owner about them he explained that the vest covers plus the inner pass through were to allow for freezing air return. The central heat came from the vents in the ceiling plus it was fully drawn down by the freezing air returns. The air was then quickly sucked back into the gas furnace to be warmed again. This totally natural flow of warm plus cool air allowed for even heating. Years ago, long before Heating plus Air Conditioning systems were installed, they used these floor vents plus wall vents to circulate the warm air equally throughout the house. It is still used in numerous areas where it is extremely impossible to install current equipment. Warm air rises, your cool air falls, it is just the nature of things plus if you can use this natural process to supply you an even warm temperature, this is all the better for everyone.

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