This is the art of camping

There is a method to camp and a way not to camp.

Most people will get their tent, sleeping bags, cook stove, and food.

They will pack their stuff up and head out into the woods. Some people may pack a truck, or just the back of their SUV. Others may make camping a hiking trip. They trek deep into the woods and find a stream or lake to settle adjacent to, so they have water. They boast about what an incredible time they have had. Everyone is admiring their ruddy complexions while inspecting mosquito bites and sunburned lips. They look haggard and smell of nothing but campfire smoke and dirt. I don’t see any finesse in this kind of camping. The art of camping is finding the optimal hotel room. I adore to be able to see the lake or the ocean, from my hotel window. I check to make sure there is a delicious diner within walking distance. I also check the Heating and A/C proposal by setting the thermostat to my optimal temperature. If the heating or a/c begins to turn on at the right time, and it turns off when my temperature is reached, I am quite thrilled. I am even happier if there is less than a many degree temperature differentiation before the thermostat turns the Heating and A/C proposal back on. I smell fresh and soapy and I never have mosquito bites and chapped lips. When I get home, I am mellow and well rested and I don’t have to do a bunch of cleaning or put anything away, other than my clothing. This is the real finesse of camping.


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