The worst section of April is…

As much as I adore April, I occasionally find it the most frightful season of the year.

The two of us had already endured through a long winter.

The weather was often cold and snowy. The worst aspect of our cold months is the winds. The temperature may only be in the low thirties, but with the wind, the temperature can feel like zero rather than thirty. The gas furnace couldn’t even compete against the cold chill of the January winds, from invading the house. By the time April arrives, it is damp from all of the rain and the melting snow. Without the help of an media air cleaner, every one of us would have to put up with a current home that smells of mildew and more than often, wet stinky gym shoes. There is nothing worse than a wet gym shoes smell and our current home is almost always filled with it. The two of us have never had nasty gym shoes in the house, but the previous owner must have. I’m wondering how long that smell is going to stick with us because it rears its ugly head every April. The heating keeps the smells out of the house, but during April, you can’t have the heating all of the time. The daytime temps are often too high for a furnace. At night, the temperatures will drop like crazy. There is no way every one of us could sleep well without the gas furnace running at night. Springtime is a horrible time of year for the heating. Without the heating you are miserable from the winds at night, but in the daytime, you would be equally miserable if you have the gas furnace running.

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