Reach out and touch an…air vent?

Not too long ago, we had a problem with our air quality.

  • I kept smelling something that reminded me of mildewed clothing.

I cleaned under and behind all of our furniture. I thought maybe one of the kids had brought their dirty towels home from school and just left them sitting on the floor of their bedroom. Usually if clothing was sitting on their floor, they ended up shoved under the beds. My son was a bit upset about my being in his bedroom, but I had to try to find the source of the odor. The odor was going throughout the house and I was desperate to find out what was causing the stench. After looking everywhere in the living room, I decided to work on the bedrooms, and his room was the most obvious. I asked him if he wasn’t able to smell the odor and he said his room smelled normal. I pulled out a couple of portable air purifiers I had and I put one air purifier right outside of his room. My son had, in the meantime, searched all through his room because in spite of his protests, he smelled the mildew. I ended up calling the HVAC company, wondering if maybe we didn’t have mold. When the HVAC tech showed up, he checked all of the air vents. We he looked into the air duct in my son’s room he told my son to reach into the air vent. There was a sock that was so stinky, the smell was going throughout the entire house. He says he has no idea how the sock got into the air vent.


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