Reach out and touch an…air vent?

Recently, every one of us had a concern with our air quality.

I kept smelling something that reminded myself and others of mildewed towels.

I cleaned under and behind all of our furniture. I thought maybe 1 of the adolescents had brought their dirty gym socks current home from school and just left them sitting under the bed. Usually if clothing was sitting on their floor, they ended up kicking it under the beds. My child was a bit frustrated about my being in her personal space, even though I had to try to find the source of the horrible smell. The smell was going throughout the whole place and I was desperate to find out what was causing the stench. After looking everywhere in the dining room, I chose to work on the dining rooms, and her room was the most apparent. I asked him if she wasn’t able to smell the smell and she said her room smelled normal. I got a couple of portable media air cleaners I had and I put 1 media air cleaner right outside of her room. My child had, meanwhile, searched all through her room because in spite of her protests, she smelled the nasty stench. I ended up calling the Heating and A/C dealer, beginning to think maybe every one of us didn’t have mold. When the Heating and A/C tech showed up, she inspected all of the air vents. The two of us she looked into the air duct in my son’s room she made my child reach into the air vent. There was a sock that was so smelly, the disgusting stench was going throughout the entire house. She says she has no clue whatsoever how the sock got into the air vent.

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