Odd temperature swings

In our area, spring is nothing but cold winds and a lot of rain.

I can never wait until the temperatures get up to seventy and stays there.

Up until May, you never know if you are going to need the heating or the air conditioning. The cold and snow lasts till April and then you have these crazy fluctuations. I was outside working i my flower beds last spring. It was right after Easter, and I was planting the flowers I had received for Easter. It was beautiful and I had been working in just my t-shirt and jeans. As the afternoon progressed, I knew it was getting a bit cooler, but I thought it was just coming night. Then I felt the wetness on my face and my husband told me it was snowing. We rushed into the house and turned on the heating. He had the thermostat turned up to seventy and we could hear the furnace humming. The entire next week, we had cold and snow. Easter morning we awoke, to have nearly a foot of snow on the ground and the day after Easter, it was seventy. Like I said, I can’t wait until May to have those warmer temperatures stick around. I know that I have at least a month until I need to have the air conditioning. A full month of having lowered energy costs until October. That’s when this whole thing starts all over again, with not knowing if you need to have the heating or not have the heating, and then November comes and winter begins again.

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